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Talent is paramount to the success of any company regardless of size or industry. As talent acquisition is fundamentally such a high-risk activity, companies understandably wrestle to control and manage it well. Over the last few years, I have observed some companies move the talent acquisition function in-house, others who are at early stages of doing so and still others who are seriously thinking about it. I appreciate their deep motivation to control their resources of money, talent staff and acquisition processes.

I am both passionate and uniquely positioned to help these companies in a shifting landscape to in-house talent acquisition. I learned early on from my mentors that those you bring in the front door are the future leaders of your company. Great talent defines the corporate culture and dictates corporate success. I live by the principle that every search is an opportunity to speak to the best possible people.

My own journey in talent acquisition began as a contingent recruiter in South Africa. It continued with a corporate role at a global bank in Johannesburg and then moved on to New York City to do retained search at the highest executive levels. Searches were conducted for global clients such as Apple, Burberry, Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, Capital One, Experian, and Compass Group to name a few. I participated in the rise of China’s thriving economy, the UK market at its height in the late 2000s and the fluctuations of the USA market from deep recession to the lowest unemployment in its’ history.

But retained executive search is no longer meeting the market at its’ point of need. Therefore, to address the challenges of the shift in talent acquisition to an in-house function, I founded BreakPoint Talent Solutions. It is a company for our new era that leverages the best practices of the executive search industry. BreakPoint’s promise is to creatively and cost-effectively help you to get the best people to come and work for you. The BreakPoint solution is totally flexible and entirely prescient as it is COVID-19 immune.

This movement to an in-house solution and increased control of your talent acquisition involves overcoming two significant obstacles. I have heard from and observed companies struggling with

  • delivering consistently creative talent searches while coping with big and fluctuating workloads. For example, knowing it is really only possible to handle 7 concurrent executive searches well, how can an organization with about 100 searches in a year and a small staff deliver great talent consistently?
  • developing in-house talent acquisition search skills and sophistication. I know successful talent acquisition demands multiple roles as researcher, advisor, influencer, educator, deal-maker and more. It is this exciting complexity of the role that needs to be nurtured and developed.

BreakPoint is the partner that directly addresses these two significant vulnerabilities. With our expert staff and proprietary technology platform, we offer nimble and flexible talent solutions to fit your size and stage when you find yourself at the breakpoint, the point at which change can be made.

I support your ambition of being empowered to deliver talent to your company by offering you services to source talent and to develop mastery in talent acquisition. 

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your company’s journey in talent acquisition and to explore how BreakPoint can help you to mitigate risk in a highly risky function.

Best Regards

Sonja Muller

CEO and Founder BreakPoint Talent Solutions
sonja muller
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The BreakPoint Promise for COVID-19

Though we all thought we were living with a healthy expectation for unpredictability, COVID-19 stunned us with exponentially more. We designed BreakPoint Talent Solutions from a place of deep understanding for the challenges you face in a tightening talent market against the backdrop of an unpredictable world. COVID-19 has validated the enormous need for solutions with the agility for future unpredictability.