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The global affiliate network is a revolutionary approach to market. As the first in executive search to tap into the power of the gig economy, BreakPoint considers its global affiliate network to be one of the company’s greatest assets.

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The talent acquisition engine is highly complex, and great search is dependent on the person driving it. Every job placement hinges upon the alignment of countless variables, and to be successful, recruiters must play several different roles – researcher, advisor, influencer, educator, deal-maker and more. 

Understanding the importance and intricacies of each of these roles is not an innate capacity, but there are nuances that can be taught, and if those learnings are properly nurtured and developed, they can empower someone to be brilliant

BreakPoint employs this philosophy and equips its affiliates with the knowledge and skills required to be exceptional at their trade. As a BreakPoint Talent Solutions affiliate, you will identify, screen, and engage qualified candidates, verify talent references, and help ensure DEI at scale – all according to a specific client’s needs.

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If you have a strong professional background, university degree, and a passion for research, join the BreakPoint Affiliate Network.

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The BreakPoint Promise for COVID-19

Though we all thought we were living with a healthy expectation for unpredictability, COVID-19 stunned us with exponentially more. We designed BreakPoint Talent Solutions from a place of deep understanding for the challenges you face in a tightening talent market against the backdrop of an unpredictable world. COVID-19 has validated the enormous need for solutions with the agility for future unpredictability.