Executive Search Mastery

The topic of talent is foremost in a CEO’s thoughts and strategic plans. Never before has the ability to attract the very best been more important. At the same time, organizations are building talent acquisition teams within their HR function. These teams are being challenged to bring in the critical talent. They are seeking to combine data driven approaches with human intuition. It is vital they have opportunities to continue developing their mastery of talent acquisition.

The way we see it

BreakPoint is motivated to empower internal consultants in their mastery of search because we know its’ power.

We help to raise the bar

There is no doubt that companies have saved money on external search firm fees, however, it is also true that delivering the same quality search internally is a challenge.  There are critical soft skills in acquiring executive talent. We can help the internal HR team raise the bar on talent acquisition skills. We can elevate the quality of searches by sharing the ‘secrets’ of our years of executive search experience.

Elevating Talent Acquisition

Options for Developing Mastery

The needs of every company are unique. Our intention is to customize learning and development for you.

Master Class

What makes a great talent acquisition consultant? This is what we will uncover in our 1-2 day Master Class as we share the holy grail of talent acquisition. Talent search is deeply personal, and we believe the ability to be open and give of oneself is as important as technical knowledge. This format allows for close personal interaction. Actual jobs will be discussed as well as relevant examples from our own experiences.
  • How to work with your client and gain a deep understanding of the role and expectations of the hiring manager?
  • How to approach the research with the perspective of bringing in fresh and diverse talent that is so often required today?
  • How to attract a “new breed” of candidate into a role that may not be appealing on the surface?
  • How to make a candidate into a “believer” and get them excited about something they never thought of before?
  • How to determine culture fit?
  • How to guide the client and candidate as they pursue an opportunity that is a new industry to them?
  • How to get a digitally advanced and savvy candidate to consider going into an industry that is considered traditional?
  • How to predict who will survive?

These sessions will be virtual or in-person. They will not only provide technical expertise but we inspire consultants to create excitement with potential candidates.

1-1 Coaching

Individual learning sessions customized to specific situations may be the most appropriate. For example, talent acquisition consultants who are working solo in supporting their organization may benefit. Consultants who have completed the Master Class may identify further development goals and pursue them in a one-on-one environment.

The number of coaching sessions and mode conducted will be driven by the goals and needs of the individual consultant. The coaching relationship could evolve into an ongoing mentorship by an expert advisor.

C-Suite Summit

Talent is one of the most critical aspects on any leader’s agenda and strategy – and makes for a lively and dynamic subject for any leadership training or off-site executive meeting. Each summit will be customized based on a clients needs. Example “How to” topics:

  • Maximize your brand in recruitment
  • Attract the candidates every leader needs for their future
  • Balance the need for the digital savvy and forward thinking leaders with the company culture
  • Combine data analytics and human intuition
  • Bring along established employees to accept the need for new ways of thinking

Immersion Learning

This program will be offered by a BreakPoint partner specialized in immersion solutions. It will give talent acquisition teams the opportunity to learn from other organizations that have built best-in-class internal talent acquisition functions. It will involve looking beyond the search component to HR processes, technology and scalability. A sample immersion experience might involve your team spending time with 4-5 companies in various geographies and industries. Immersion is a powerful way to accelerate and inspire new thinking, behavior, and skills.

This experience can be offered as a standalone or in conjunction with other learning modules.

Cost breakdown and fee structure available upon request.

What does it take to bring a talent acquisition team in-house?

This service is offered to companies that have not yet developed an in-house capability. Is it worth it? The purpose is to assist the Group Human Resources Director to make an informed decision based on options available. In the event the decision is to move ahead, we can help in the effort to build a powerful and cost-effective internal acquisition team.

Where we come in

  • Assess the talent acquisition needs of a company by reviewing the roles filled, open roles and understanding the needs of the hiring managers
  • Do a cost analysis of what is being spent currently on filling senior roles versus what it would cost in-house
  • Evaluate the type of roles that need to be filled and the likelihood of internal success
  • Provide a balanced review of what can go internal and what should remain with external firms
  • Advise on who should be hired as your internal talent acquisition consultants
  • Assist in the implementation of going internal which would include on-boarding and learning and development programming
  • Consider an immersion learning experience to accelerate and inspire new thinking, behavior and skills
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The BreakPoint Promise for COVID-19

Though we all thought we were living with a healthy expectation for unpredictability, COVID-19 stunned us with exponentially more. We designed BreakPoint Talent Solutions from a place of deep understanding for the challenges you face in a tightening talent market against the backdrop of an unpredictable world. COVID-19 has validated the enormous need for solutions with the agility for future unpredictability.