Sonja Muller BreakPoint
Founder & CEO

Sonja Muller

With 30+ years of global experience, Sonja’s understanding of the talent acquisition industry is unrivaled. Her proven success, learned expertise, and deeply rooted professional network provide her the unique knowledge and ability to marry the best of traditional executive search with in-house recruitment.

Sonja strives to help businesses adapt to the future by aligning people, culture, consumer, and commercial strategy. She is passionate about leading the next wave of transformation in executive search and created BreakPoint to help her do it.

In addition to BreakPoint, Sonja runs her own executive search firm – Muller & Associates. As CEO of Muller & Associates, Sonja helps enterprises redefine their leadership construct in a way that unlocks unlimited growth potential. She has worked with some of the world’s leading consumer, technology, and financial brands such as Apple, Burberry, Bank of America, Bakkavör, Experian, IHG, Compass Food Services, Primera, and Wells Fargo.

Outside of work, Sonja has produced an Oscar-nominated documentary and founded a winery and olive oil farm in Tuscany. She is an advocate for gender and cultural diversity in business and a vanguard for women in leadership. Sonja has worked on both coasts of the USA, South Africa, London, and Italy. In 1990, Sonja moved to the United States, and currently resides in Marietta, GA with her family.

COO & Co-Founder

Ed Bransby-Zachary

With 25 years experience working with companies of all sizes across all continents, Ed is dedicated to helping organizations with executive search solutions and streamlined talent strategies. Having spent 17 years with the leading global business in the executive search and leadership sector, Korn Ferry, Ed has partnered with complex organizations across the globe, delivering creative solutions at scale to their executive search needs.

He is passionate about working with people who challenge the accepted norms and look for the new and the different. His experience establishing and running Korn Ferry’s global account program in executive search and leadership consulting has enabled him to contribute to the evolution of executive search industry from all angles, working across all sectors and regions of the world.

Ed believes that the modern approach to talent solutions must be to look forward, appreciating the dynamics of the present whilst supporting the continuous progression of change, including greater diversity, evolved working habits and technology-enabled working solutions. His goal is to help companies through continuous transformation by attracting and enabling the right leadership for now and the future, aligning culture, strategy and executive talent.

Lori Machens
Affiliate Relationship Manager

Lori Machens

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The BreakPoint Promise for COVID-19

Though we all thought we were living with a healthy expectation for unpredictability, COVID-19 stunned us with exponentially more. We designed BreakPoint Talent Solutions from a place of deep understanding for the challenges you face in a tightening talent market against the backdrop of an unpredictable world. COVID-19 has validated the enormous need for solutions with the agility for future unpredictability.